INTO supports Vietnamese students in global higher education

INTO supports Vietnamese students in global higher education

INTO University Access Centre hosts activities that enrich students’ experience and prepare them for their future study journey. — Photo courtesy of INTO

HCM CITY — INTO University Partnerships recently unveiled a strategy to build and develop a network of counselling centres to support students, parents, university partners and education agents.

The University Access Centres (UAC) network brings together recruitment partners, local marketing teams and onsite university representatives, providing a comprehensive, innovative study abroad solution for students right in their cities.

There are two UACs established in HCM City and Hà Nội, which house representatives from the University of South Florida, Suffolk University, Oregon State University, George Mason University, Illinois State University, and The University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Stirling.

INTO supports Vietnamese students in global higher education

Students can access comprehensive and detailed information about progra妹妹es from participating university international office staff physically present at the UACs. They can also take the INTO English Language Assessment, free of charge, which is recognised by all participating universities.

INTO supports Vietnamese students in global higher education

The centres also host activities that enrich students’ experience and prepare them for future study journeys, such as weekly presentations, seminars and guest lectures by the international office and visiting university staff, real-time broadcast video conferencing sessions with Vietnamese students overseas and university students' classes and counselling sessions with professors.

INTO also partners with the British Council globally to facilitate Computer Delivered IELTS examinations, building a direct rapport with students and providing another reason for students to visit the centres.

“Our goal is bringing recruitment partners, counsellors and institutions under one roof to offer a complete study abroad solution for students in a world-class facility. Việt Nam is one of the world’s fastest-growing markets for international student mobility. It constitutes the  六th largest international student market for the US 二,  四th largest for Australia and  一 五th largest for the UK outside the EU,” said Vũ Ngọc Bích, Senior Country Director of INTO University Partnerships in Việt Nam.

An INTO survey showed that an overwhelming  九 二 per cent of Gen Z prospective international students between  一 六 and  二 五 years of age and their parents feel it is significantly important to be able to meet and speak to an agent or locally based university representative about their study abroad options.

According to the survey, improved English language skills and the perceived benefits of enhancing career prospects are the greatest motivators for Vietnamese students who intend to study abroad.

The top concerns of Vietnamese parents are living expenses and safety, especially regarding how the COVID- 一 九 pandemic has affected destination countries.

Nearly half of parents see the importance of a safe and supportive study abroad environment. University reputation, location and subjects also strongly influence the decision-making process. — VNS